outdoor kitty takes on the domestic life
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Is my cat Daisy stoned on the feliway? Bonus question- how best to handle introducing her to the current cat occupant of the house who is hostile to everyone except my mom.

I had to move myself and my indoor/outdoor cat back home. My escape artist cat is going to need to adjust to life as an indoor cat, as there the house is located pretty much at the corner of two major 4 lane roads and I like my kitty in 3-D format. I'm embarrassed to tell you how many cats my parents told me "found a new home with a nice grandma down the street" as I was growing up.

Her great distress and my lack of sleep after the first night let me to get a feliway diffuser. There is definite improvement... after 2 more days, she started eating and drinking and using the litter box. But she just seems unfocused and, really, kinda like she's stoned. Anyone else had this experience?

She is currently confined to one (my) room, due to my mother's cat who is only friendly towards her, and becomes a raging whirl-a-claw when approached by other members of the family. Should I invest in 80 thousand more feliway diffusers for the rest of the house before letting her explore the rest of the house?
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I haven't used feliway, so can't comment on that.

I have introduced many new kitties to less than welcoming established felines. What has worked best is to keep the new one behind closed doors for a week or so. Obtain a length of rope, thin enough to fit under the door and long enough to form a good sized knot on either end. Put the rope in place and perhaps rub it with some catnip.

The cats are aware of each other. The rope gives them a way to begin interacting without directly acknowledging each other. After a bit they become curious and associate each other with a fun activity. Usually after they have played in this manner for several days one of them slips in or out of the room to meet nose to nose.

I've had success each time I've used this method. It has always resulted in good relationships with the cats.

Best of luck!

(Pictures please!)
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Catlink, what a novel idea about the rope! I like it.

Feliway made one of my cats act stoned, but then it wasn't a bright cat to begin with. Remember, your cat's going to have to adjust to both the move and the confinement, so it's probably in a state of cat shock.

I don't know if I'd put too many more diffusers around the house, but how about a calming collar for the raging whirl-a-claw? Might help with the people issues, also. Not sure if Feliway makes one, but others use cat pheromones also.
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From what I understand you only need one diffuser in a spot the cat goes to multiple times a day (my vet suggested near the food bowl).
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