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Did I imagine this folk song?

Trying to find a folk song whose verse or chorus concludes ...by the banks of the River Tamar. Or possibly ...on the banks of the River Tamar. I'm pretty sure I sang it at school thirty years ago but there is also a possibility I invented it to irritate my music teacher who was Cornish. I can sing it for you as a last resort but am hopeful this won't be necessary. Tamar is sung Taaaay-maarrr. If that helps at all.
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Got nothing but The Song of the Western Men has "We'll cross the Tamar, land to land".
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If you suspect this may have been to irritate your teacher, is it possible you substituted "River Tamar" in for something in a song about another river? After pretty extensive searching, I'm surprised to find no songs, poems, or ballads with "banks of the River Tamar" in them at all!

However, the phrase "by the banks of the *" is found in lots of songs about other places. Any other hints?
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Are you sure it's "Tamar"? As opposed to something that just sounds a lot like it, like "Daymar" or "Kamar" or something?
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I think you were playing off the structure of "Banks of the Ohio," so as to annoy your Cornish teacher. The way I'm reading your pronunciation of Tamar would be very similar to the phrasing of Banks of the Ohio. Link is to chorus of Banks of Ohio.
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