Identify these athletic shoes
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Can anyone place these shoes? They appear to be Nikes, but I cannot really tell. [from here]
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They are almost certainly Air Force Ones.
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Here's an example of AF1s with contrasting panels.
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Response by poster: Do you see the colorway from the picture on any AF1s?
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Best answer: I think with that extremely fluoro toe box, and the fact that she's in Singapore, those are more likely to be Bapesta's. Here's an example, with a similar palette.
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Isn't she in Shanghai, China? I would say these could even be fake Bapesta's due to how chunky they look. That photo isn't good enough to tell though.
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Totally correct, I didn't realise there was a Raffles City in Shanghai. There is however still a Bape Store in Shanghai.
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Bapes for sure. Way too chunky to be (non-counterfeit) Forces.
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They could also be counterfeit Bapes.
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