Can anyone recommend any queer events/hangouts in New York City?
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Can anyone recommend any queer events/hangouts in New York City? By "queer", I mean non-standard gender/sexuality and probably radical left politics. By "events", I mean DIY shows, potlucks, reading groups, screenings or whatever else. By "hangouts" I mean social centres, autonomous spaces, concert venues, cafes and bars.
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The LGBT Community Center?

Also look in the Queer section of Time Out New York.

Bluestockings bookstore has lots of lefty events, and at one time dedicated a lot of its energies to Feminist and Queer related stuff. Definitely worth stopping by or at least a google for their events calendar.
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Normally I wouldn't recommend somewhere I haven't been, but I have solid reason to believe that Nowhere Bar in the East Village (322 E. 14th St) may fit the bill.
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So, I'm not from NY, nor have I ever been there. And I don't even have any specific event recommendations...but Queers For Economic Justice is an awesome organization although it seems like they don't have a ton of upcoming events listed; Brandon Lacy Campos has a pretty solid blog and sometimes talks about neat upcoming stuff; and the Anarchist Book Fair resources page has a couple of good links under Books and Zine Places.

Also, there are some things on the InfoShop Wiki, although I expect a few of them are out of date.
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(I mean, I'm queer and an anarchist and part of a social center, so I know in general what you're asking about.)
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Nowhere bar is definitely my favorite "gay" bar in New York. I'm not sure about events there, but definitely for drinks.
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There are some queer dance parties in Brooklyn (Hey Queen and Sweat). Third Root in Flatbush has queer yoga. (Flatbush in general is a hotbed of queer hangout-ery.) And there is a bunch of other stuff that's not leaping to you have any more particular interests? Also, check out the nonsensenyc email list.
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Seconding "Hey Queen!"
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Rebel Cupcake
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all the great suggestions, everyone.
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