I think I've become one of those New Yorkers who calls everything outside of the city "the country."
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Inexpensive getaways near New York City?

My boyfriend and I are thinking of taking a weekend trip to get out of the city on either of the first two weekends in June. We don't have much money. I'd like to find someplace that fits the following criteria:
  • has clean, comfortable hotels or motels for $115 per night or less (ideally less)
  • is either (in order of preference) accessible by train or bus from Manhattan within three hours or accessible by car from Manhattan within three hours
  • is in naturally beautiful country, whether forest, beach or what have you
  • has at least a few options for fun, inexpensive things to do beyond things like hiking, swimming, and hanging out
Specific recommendations for lodging are particularly appreciated.
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Go to the Poconos. Can't give specific lodging recommendations, but there's plenty of chain hotels/motels like Sheraton, plus lots of inns. There's great hiking, great stargazing, bowling, outlet shopping, movie theaters, etc.
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Depending on what you enjoy:

Storm King Art Center, about one hour north of NYC.
Storm King's permanent collection of sculpture, dating from 1945 to the present, includes works by many of the twentieth century's most influential artists, integrated into a pristine, 500-acre landscape of rolling hills, fields, and woodlands.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, about an hour and a half north.
The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is a true "living" museum of antique aviation located in Rhinebeck, New York. We present one of the largest collections of early aeroplanes in the world, many of which regularly take to the air in all their glory during our weekend airshows. The Aerodrome features aeroplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, early engines and memorabilia from 1900-1935. In addition to the airshows, there are four museum buildings displaying aircraft form the Pioneer Era, World War I and the Lindbergh/Barnstorming era. These were the golden years of aviation.

I can't recommend lodging, sorry.
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Beacon is a great, close-by getaway in the Hudson Valley. There's DIA Beacon, the strawberry festival, and a ton of other stuff to do, all accessible by Metro North. The Beacon Inn (which doesn't seem to have a website) is far from fancy, clean and comfortable, and pretty cheap. (If it still exists. It's been awhile. It may have changed or gone out of business...) Or there are several B&Bs in the area.
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Chincoteague is a long drive but worth the trip.
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I went to Providence and Newport last year. They're both beautiful cities with tons of history. You can go to the beach in Newport as well.

Providence is about 3 1/2 hrs from NYC, but its a pleasant, direct drive.

We stayed at a Marriott on points, so no reccos on lodging there, sorry about that.
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Race Brook Lodge in the Berkshires (2.5 hours from NYC) is one of my favorite places to go. Hiking, Jacobs Pillow, funky galleries, cafes very nearby. For a summer weekend, the least expensive room is just out of your range at $130. But if you could swing it. . ..
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Silvanus Lodge in Hillsdale, NY, is a cute, funky, tiny independent motel with queen rooms for $110 a night. We stayed there last fall and were very comfortable. It's right in between Hudson, NY (not as polished as the Berkshires, but on the Hudson River), and Great Barrington, MA, which is the gateway to the Berkshires. It will be beautiful up there. You should go!

(If you love funky used bookshops, google the Book Barn. Get some gourmet pizza at Babba Louie's in Great Barrington one night, then head to the tiny Triplex for a movie--they usually have one or two independent films.)
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Best answer: Mohonk -- beatiful small lake, nice hiking.
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Breakneck Ridge - amazing hiking, 5 minute walk from the Metro-North stop. I don't know about hotels, but I'm sure you can google some. Or just take the train back, make it a day trip.
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Response by poster: All excellent answers. I marked skepticallypleased's as best because googling it eventually led me to our chosen destination: Clove Cottages, in the nearby town of High Falls, New York.
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