Writing online for money?
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I found a review of Constant Content. I feel like writing online for this site. Anybody thinks this is profitable?
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Similar question - recently asked. Different company, but I think the information provided there may help in general.
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In 2007 I wrote 2 articles for Associated Content. I had to go log in to my account because I didn't remember how much I got paid - a total of $14.15. They pay based on article plus page views. It probably took me less than an hour to write each article, so not bad... it averages out to be a bit under minimum wage. (I never got colossal pageviews which is supposedly where the big money is.)

Unless you write quickly and constantly, I'd say it's good to make a few extra bucks on the side (write 5 articles, get a new video game). I don't see it sustaining you long-term as a sole source of income.
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I've written five articles for ConstantContent, and been paid about $200 total. The process works, but be prepared that you're writing purely for money; it's not an advance-your-career step. Prepare to think of the articles you wrote as "gone" - you're handing away a lot of rights, but as long as you price according to the work put into them, not what-the-market-will-bear, you'll bring in some profit. ConstantContent's article rates are set by you, so there's some math involved in figuring out how your time fits in. If you sell the same written-in-a-1/2-hour article three times for $10 each, that's $60/hr you've earned -- but that's if it sells. The articles I sold were long and detailed, probably took me a couple hours each to write, and I had to wait a long time for them to eventually sell at the price I wanted. When they did sell, though, I made my money worth my time, and that's what I wanted to get out of it. The game would appear to be to write a lot -- constant-ly, so to speak -- and hope that each day you have enough article sales to cover the writing you did. I'm sure it can be done, but there's no magical earn-more-than-the-work-put-into-it through ConstantContent. That means, if you're writing-to-earn-a-living at CC, you're going to be consuming time which might be better spent writing as a credited writer for real magazines, feeding your own blog, working on that novel, or putting effort into well-researched writing that might lead you someplace. If you're just interested in writing-anything-for-profit (an entirely noble undertaking) you might do well at ConstantContent.
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