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Please Help Naming a Blog: I work for a government agency that helps other agencies (state and local) with records management issues and public records law. We've been instructed to start a Records Management Blog and are trying to think of a title for the blog.

What we'll be talking about includes: using and creating Records Retention Schedules (lists of records in your office and how long to keep them), Public Records Law and the public's access to the records, challenges of electronic records, email etc. Our audience will be state and local government officials and employees.

All I got is "Pushing Paper." I know I can count on you folks for some creative suggestions. Fun and slightly irreverent is OK. Thanks!
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On the record.
posted by Michele in California at 11:25 AM on June 5, 2012

Take Note
Details, Details
For the Record
posted by General Tonic at 11:29 AM on June 5, 2012

Annals Retention
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Off The Record
Re: Records
Thinking Inside the (Banker's) Box
Professional Hoarding
It's In Here Somewhere
Not Your Grandma's Storage Locker
The Other World Records
Access This
Retention Hall
1983 is alive and well and living in HK145.245
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Don't go for cute. Go for search engine friendly. You will not drag in eyeballs if they can't find the blog. You can always make a subhed that's cute and funny.
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I think the only options are "On The Record" and "Off The Record." ("For The Record" sounds too pretentious, like you are going to be constantly correcting minutia.)
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Permanent Record.
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Nerds Of Records Management At Large (NORMAL)

Facets Of Records Management (FORM)

...or other acronyms with "RM" in them, just for fun.


Heavy Metal Records Management (as in "serious business" and get a stock photo of a long-haired guitar shredder)

Kingdom of Records Management (then use little feudal-sounding terms for the various sections...nothing too serious, just for fun)

Record Management Zone (use Twilight Zone font or something like it)

Mysteries of Record Management (use some sort of egyptian theme--hieroglyphics, etc.)

IMO in order to build an audience, it would be worth your while to make it fun. So much sameness out there...forget SEO for the blog title (another IMO...that sucks too much fun out); do make sure your article titles are sane and search engine friendly.
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Man, just mulling this over...this field is ripe for jokes and stuff. Like:

Record Management Can Be Fun
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Of Record: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Records Management (But Were Afraid to Ask)
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The File Files
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Keeping Records
Record Keepers
Akashic Records
Institutional Memory (or Memories)
Recording life, the universe and everything
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Honestly, no one is going to be interested in this blog unless they are already interested in the topic or, more likely, are researching specific information. I agree with what was stated above about avoiding being cutesy. I would call it "Record Management Blog," for real.
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In The Stacks
Behind the Cabinet
Bottom of the Drawer
something else that sounds like a Emily Dickinson poem.
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Response by poster: The higher-ups decided to go with "The GS 132 Files: [our state] Records Management Blog."

With "GS 132" being the Public Records Law for our state. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, the branch heads did have some fun with them in their meeting.
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