Where should I stay near White Plains, NY
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I'm traveling to New York and looking for hotel recommendations.

My boss and I are traveling to White Plains, NY in two weeks and she's charged me with finding a hotel. We're flying into LaGuardia airport (arriving around 2:30pm) and driving a rental to White Plains. Open to staying anywhere between, in nothing lower than a 3 star hotel (3.5 or 4 would be preferred).

I've never been to this part of the country, so looking for recommendations for a good place to stay that might have some cool things to explore when we arrive (we'll only be there the one night).

Thanks in advance!
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Wait, are you going to be in White Plains? Or somewhere in New Jersey? I am a bit confused by the wording of your question.

The Ritz-Carlton in White Plains is quite nice, if money is no object. The Hyatt House is a very pleasant suite hotel if you're on a bit more of a budget. The Renaissance Westchester isn't bad.
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White Plains is in New York, not New Jersey; I'd contact the mods and ask if they can make a change.
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You wouldn't even drive through NJ to get to White Plains.
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Response by poster: Oh, cripes. Sorry, New York - not sure where Jersey came from!
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Mod note: Unjersified, carry on.
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Here's the Trip Advisor page for White Plains.
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If you want to stay in White Plains, I'd just pick a big chain like a Marriott or Hyatt. There's a Ritz Carlton nearby too. It's mostly suburbs around there - don't expect anything exciting.
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I was far less thrilled with that Crowne Plaza than the Trip Advisor reviewers are, but it has been some years since I stayed there and it may have been renovated since.
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If it's within your budget and not too out of the way for your plans, stay at Tarrytown House! So pretty. The breakfast buffet is pretty nice, also.
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Stay in NYC ... take the train into White Plains (30-45 minutes each way).
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