What TV show is this?
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When I was in elementary school (mid-late 70's) there used to be a Christian tv drama that I would watch on Sundays when nothing else was on. I remember the production values as being fairly poor, and it was usually somewhat depressing, with characters yelling at each other and a moral at the end that no one could miss. Elizabeth Taylor was on one episode. Was it made by the Lutherans? Google hasn't helped me.
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Are you sure Elizabeth Taylor was in an episode? Elizabeth Taylor's imdb entry doesn't list anything that looks remotely like that in the 1960's, 70s, or 80s.

If you can think of anyone else that was in one, IMDB and TV.com (formerlly tvtome), are both good places to look.
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The program you are referring to is This Is Your Life. I remember it well! The thirty-minute black & white dramas sometimes starred a real "star" and they all focused on some personal or family problem with a Lutheran pastor coming to the rescue at the end. They were actually very well done. Produced by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Hope this helps!
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Laen: I know that the IMDB doesn't list it - I always figured it was too obscure to show up there.

Ind. Schol. - thank you thank you thank you! this has plagued me for YEARS!

I knew I couldn't be the only one who remembered this show.
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There was a show called Insight that used to run early Sunday mornings when I was growing up (1970s). They were half-hour morality plays usually featuring a star of the week like Jack Klugman or Carroll O'Connor.

They were produced by the Paulists (Catholics), not the Lutherans, and were pretty ecumenical; they never dealt with the specifics of Catholicism (or even Christianity that I remember) but took a generally spiritual and moral approach.
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