Help me identify a 70's-80's home repair show
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TV FILTER: I am looking for the name of a 70s-80s home repair/gardening TV show, and the female host's name. I used to watch the show, in syndication, on local Seattle TV in the early 80s. I believe the show was made in Canada, but maybe the US. The hostess was a thin woman with light brown hair and the shows premise was that she was a housewife working on her house and garden while the husband was away. They had a dog. She would have sections on the show showing how to pot plants, change light bulbs, grout tile, etc....
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The show was called Do It Yourself and the host was Mary Bellows. I believe her dog was Butterbean. My dad used to watch that show all the time.
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Yes, that is the show - thank you!
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"Do It For Yourself"
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