Monowheel cartoon
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Help me identify this cartoon I remember seeing as a kid in Los Angeles in the mid-to-early 70's.

Here's what I remember:

1) The characters rode around in a monowheel. It looked like a huge automobile tire, big enough that they could sit inside a globular glass cockpit in the center.
2) I seem to remember it being set in a forest or jungle, but I might be confusing it with Kimba the White Lion, which I also used to watch.
3) It seemed foreign. I sort of suspect it might have been Japanese, but I've poked around some sites discussing early anime in the U.S. and I didn't find it. Maybe it was European?

I've poked around quite a bit here, but no joy. Oh, and let me save you the trouble of suggesting Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, because that's not it. I should mention that my memories of this show are really vague, just a couple of images, and it's possible it was actually a single episode of another show, like maybe Speed Racer.
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Spiral Zone? yt
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Oh, nevermind...wrong decade.
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Here's a link to an absolutely crap video - at the end "The Amazing Three" get into a giant tire with glass sides. The Amazing Three was produced by Osamu Tezuka, who also produced Astro Boy.
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Wow, that was fast. I'm pretty sure that's it, although I could have sworn it was in color. What's more, the Wikipedia page mentions that it was broadcast in 1974 on KCOP (independent channel 13 in Los Angeles), which explains why it's not listed on the big "Saturday morning cartoons" sites. Bingo!
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I've now got that theme song stuck in my head...
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I googled for a better version of the soundtrack (the real audio link is worse than the sound on the video link) and went straight into a furry fetish.
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