Which _The Doors_ cds are considered the best?
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I am confused about The Doors catalog. There are many versions. I am not sure which is the best. I know "best" is subjective. What I mean is not altered with remixing but simply the best remastered. Or if the original releases are still considered the best. I have the "Perception" set but saw a previous box from 1999 that I've read is better quality. Any input? This may be your opinion but your opinion is appreciated.
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My opinions are 1)The vinyl original releases are the best and 2)remastering can be as dramatic as remixing, so don't assume the answer to your question lies in a particular remaster.
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Aaaaaaand I just saw the title of your post, which indicates you're looking for CDs, not vinyl. Sorry. Mods, feel free to delete my comment.
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@Rykey - No, that is ok. I am now going down the rabbit hole in pursuit of a nice audio experience. Your comment gave me the idea (later when I have more $$) to try some vinyl. Not now, but later.
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My research also indicated that the 1999 box set sounded the best, so that is what I bought, used from Amazon for $76. Now you can get it for as low as $31 - I wish that deal had been around when I bought it.

Incidentally, it sounds great.
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This may help as a reference point. It's a bit of a slog for a group as old and popular as the doors but the discogs comments should help you sort what's what.

On a quick googling, the 40th anniversary reissues are getting positive comments.
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@erebora - Wow, that was an a great and interesting (and overwhelming) site. I had no utter idea there were so many versions floating out there. Granted, I could look at US but still. Damn. I just checked the 40th Anniv of LA Woman at the library and it has a second disc of live versions which I don't think are anywhere else (??) and they are awesome.
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