Fine me this Trampoline turned into a hammock!
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Do you know the source for this awesome Trampoline into a Hammock project?

It's been floating through sites like Pinterest and blogs, and it's driving me nuts. I want more news about it, even if its just to find its a beautiful one-photo set from Sunset Magazine (or similar).

You can find it in the first post here:

And also here.

Upon closer inspection, it doesn't appear to be a real trampoline as the base, but some woven/crocheted piece on a frame about the size of a trampoline. Still neat.

So, any ideas where this may have come from, and if it's a DIY thing?
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It looks an awful lot like one of the outdoor beds from Floating Bed to me.
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I think Forktine is right, it looks a lot like this bed:

(Does that show up right for you?)

Now I am very curious about these floating beds and whether or not they cause motion sickness.
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