Can I set up an Evernote database on company server?
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Is there any way to maintain a "local" Evernote database on a company server? It seems that I am only allowed to create a database file on a drive letter corresponding to local hard drives. (I can't use the cloud on account of security concerns.)
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What about sharing the stuff using Dropbox or Google Drive? Dunno what would happen when several people would try to access the same database at the same time, though.
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Response by poster: It's just going to be for me. I can't host the data on anything other than the company equipment.
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Create a new notebook and choose "Local" as the notebook type. I haven't tested this, but it looks like it should do the trick.
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I'm assuming you're using windows as you mention drive letter, have you tried mapping a drive to a network share?
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I don't think this is possible. You might try something like setting up crashplan to keep a backup copy of a local database on a remote machine (assuming you only want to access this this data from one computer).

If what you want is to be able to access the same Evernote database from multiple different Evernote clients (i.e., your home and work computer) then I think there are more issues that would make this not work very well.
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