Sci-fi movie memory
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Help me find the title of a particular sci-fi movie.

I saw part of a science fiction movie once while working in a restaurant; since I was on the clock, I only saw bits and pieces and didn't get to see the end credits. The bulk of the movie seemed to take place on a spaceship, and what stuck out to me was that each character had a particular feature exaggerated (ie. one had a huge left arm, one had an abnormally large ear, etc.). I have googled my little heart out, but I can't find anything to lead me to the title of this movie. Help?
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Was it in color or black and white? Any guess at the decade from the style or hair/makeup?
posted by Sayuri. at 7:56 AM on May 31, 2012

Could it have been "Masters of Science Fiction" and this episode in particular?
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Could it be the episode The Discarded from the Masters of Science Fiction short TV series?
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Damn people, you are good.
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Response by poster: Yes! You've no idea how long this has been bugging me. Many thanks.
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Hey, I had no idea this Masters of Science Fiction series existed. Excellent!
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