Help me delete a read-only WinXP folder.
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I need to delete a read-only folder in WinXP. Hope me MetaFilter!

I'm trying to install the game Arcanum on my laptop. I installed a mod for the game, which I almost immediately decided to uninstall. However, since there was no uninstaller for the mod, I tried reinstalling the game. Problem is, it created a read-only folder that I can't delete, and now the game is crashing every time I start it. I've tried right-clicking on the folder and de-checking the "Read-only" box, but that doesn't work - if I try to delete it after doing that, I get the same error message - "Cannot delete [folder name]: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." Neither of these seems to be the case. What can I do?
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Well if it's not readonly, maybe it's in use.

Check your startup list and see if something is calling it back up after you reboot (you rebooted, right). To check what starts up when you boot choose "run" from the start menu, then type "msconfig" and hit ok. Click the "startup" tab. Scan the list for anything in the offending folder and uncheck it.
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Oops. Didn't think to reboot. Sonofabitch, I'm a moron. Thanks, duck.
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Get WhoLockMe. It tells you which process has locked a given file.
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I really enjoyed Arcanum - until I got too powerful...
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