Preserving & Presenting An Old Mirror?
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I need your advice on preserving and presenting an old mirror.

I've got an older mirror that was made to promote my grand uncle's manufacturing company. It measures 10 x 14 and until recently, a cardboard/cardstock type materials was glued to the back. A string runs through the cardboard material and is used to hang the mirror.

The glue recently failed and the mirror and cardboard seperated. Miraculously, the mirror survived the fall to the floor intact.

My question is, how do you think I should go about handling this? The method that remain truest to the original appearance of the mirror would be to glue the cardboard back and rehang it, but I'm wary of this happening again and the mirror not surviving the fall. (If I were to do this, what glue would you recommend?)

Or, I guess I could frame the mirror....

...Any other ideas, suggestions, comments?
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I wouldn't glue anything to the back of the mirror because I would worry that if the glue pealed or degraded or whatever, it might take some of the mirror silver off even if the mirror didn't break.
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I also wouldn't glue the cardboard back on and I wouldn't hang it again. I would use a picture shelf ledge to display the mirror. What a great memento to have of your g-father! Best not to place it in any danger...
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