What to do on a rainy anniversary?
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Please help us save our anniversary! The boy and I are celebrating one year together tomorrow (Monday) and have been planning on going to Coney Island for months. Now there's a 70% chance of rain. What to do?

Ideally, we would still like to go to Coney Island (it holds a lot of personal significance for us) and do some fun things while hopefully waiting for the rain to clear. Does anyone know if rides still function when it's raining? Any fun indoor activities in Coney Island or Brighton Beach?

We're also open to more general suggestions of special things to do together on our rainy day anniversary.

We are in our mid-twenties, and generally avoid wasp-y activities. Also, we are so very very poor. Thanks for your help!
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Well, the Cyclone seems to go in the rain. Bring umbrellas and slickers and have fun! Congrats! Sing "Singing in the rain"!
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Best answer: Luna Park and Wonder Wheel Park are not scheduled to be open tomorrow; looks like they won't be open on weekdays until after Memorial Day. Those are the two big ride centers on the boardwalk; I imagine if they're closed, much of the stuff on the boardwalk will be closed as well. I can't find anything for sure about the Cyclone since they don't have a website; I wouldn't count on it being open.
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The New York Aquarium's right there, but it's $15/ticket (a bit less if you buy online).
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I can't tell if totonno's pizza is open, but if it is, that could be fun. There also used to be fun bars on the boardwalk, I don't know how many survived.
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Oh, and also, the aquarium!
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If I remember correctly, you can sit in some of the cafes along the Brighton Beach under an overhang of some kind?

Also, if it's not raining too hard, I for one love a good walk along the boardwalk.
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