What episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was rerun on Spike TV on August 19, 2004?
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What episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was rerun on Spike TV on August 19, 2004?

This year will be my boyfriend and I's seventh anniversary, and I thought it would be fun to watch the episode of DS9 that we watched on the day we fell in love (nerdy, yes). I've searched the internet and metafilter and haven't found an answer so far.

Any suggestions?
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Can you give us an idea of the plot or any striking imagery?
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Have you contacted Spike?
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Any idea what time of day you watched it? Also, timezone/location would be helpful.

According to an east coast newspaper archive (scroll down a bit), the prime time EST lineup for Spike on Sunday August 19, 2004 was:

7pm - In a Fix
8pm - Overhaulin' 1967 Buick
9pm - Rides: Topless
10pm - Rides: A man works on 14 custom cars
11pm - Overhaulin' 1967 Buick Skylark
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August 19, 2004 was a Thursday (the paper foggy linked to says that, I assume that was just a typo-type error)
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Uh, yeah. I have no idea where I copy/pasted Sunday from ... sorry.
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I think there's an error with the Star News printing, or TLC and spike were shown on the same channel? - the line-up that foggy out there now posted shows some TLC shows (In a Fix, Overhaulin') mixed with Spike shows - verified with the Bangor, Maine paper (which unfortunately doesn't list Spike TV).
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Erg, you're right. So I include the wrong day of the week AND I link to a paper that mixed up their TV row listings. Fail on my part.
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Can you give us an idea of the plot or any striking imagery?

Griphus has it -- you may have better luck jogging a memory if you can remember anything about the episode itself, rather than using the "look up an erstwhile TV guide" approach. That way people who may have seen it at a different time could get jogged by a plot point and remember, "oh, the one where Odo makes pesto? That's this one..."

Do you remember a line? A plot point? Something like that?
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Well, The Tuscaloosa News has listings from 6-11:30 that doesn't show Spike TV airing any episode of DS9. To get a more complete listing one would have to get a TV Guide from that date, and those don't appear to be online. Maybe a library would have those?
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Unless things got so hot and heavy you forgot the actual episode, this would be a lot easier if we had the plot, because from there we just need Memory Alpha.
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Google's archive of The Albany (Georgia) Herald at least confirms that DS9 was shown on Spike at 1 p.m. Eastern Time that day.

But yeah, I think your best bet is to call or visit a library that carries TV Guide from that era and look it up/have them look it up. If it doesn't give an episode title it may still give a description which would be enough for us to get here. Or maybe one of our librarian MeFites works in a library which has it.
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According to this message board, it looks like sometime in June, Spike moved DS:9 from 7pm to 1pm. (I wonder if this matches with the OP's recollection?) Which means that looking at newspaper listings (which typically only show prime time listings) is probably not going to do it. TV Guide seems to be the best avenue so far.
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Recommendation especially if the DS9 episode aired in the early afternoon, if you can't get to a library to check out a TV Guide, check the archives for the Sunday or Saturday papers of that week, as that's when newspapers publish their detailed TV listings. (I tried to do this but have not been able to find a paper that has that weekend's papers online - and am unfamiliar enough with Google's newspaper archives to do so.)
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God, after spending way too much time on this question and digging through message boards that make the eyes weep, I have an answer.

You watched Call to Arms.


Happy Anniversary, guys.
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Happy anniversary indeed. That episode seems to have subplots around two different weddings.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much SNWidget! And to everyone else as well, I appreciate the effort.
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