WHo owns an app?
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If I make an app using an app builder like Apple Developer, Buzztouch, Mit App Inventor or Andromo, for example, who owns the app?

and #2, is there a forum to discuss app building independent of these app builders? Just a forum for people learning to build apps?
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Best answer: All of these tools specify in their licenses that you own your creations. Many starting app developers ask questions on Stack Overflow, where (full disclosure) I am a board member.
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It depends on the terms. For example, Buzztouch's Terms of Service mandate that you release the code it generates for you under GPL, which mandates that you publish the source code. So, yes, you own the code, but you are required to show it to people so they can easily copy it - this may or may not clash with your notion on ownership. (the the "GNU" references in their FAQ. MIT and Apple have more capitalist-friendly terms.
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