Places to find "this will knock your socks off" type of projects
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Where do I find information about cutting edge, uber creative "this will blow your mind" kind of projects?

I am not just talking about scientific research - but projects that are so creative, that they'll blow our minds. Some examples

Kiva & Microfinance
Google's self driving car
Reddit was planning to buy an island, and convert it into an "art zone" (can't remember the name now)

etc. I follow the standard startup blogs and news and Kickstarter has some interesting projects. But I'd like to learn more about these projects, and the people working on these types of projects.

Are there any websites that track these?
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This list of emerging technologies gets you 80% of the way there.

The most reliable way to be in on this stuff is to be participating in it yourself, or at least getting to know the people involved and contributing. You just talk to them and every now and then someone sends you a "check this out" IM that's very interesting. Sending others the IM is even more interesting but it takes a lot of time and is specialized.
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