zune to iPhone?
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[Dumb techie question filter] Please help a non-tech-savvy iPhone novice figure out this iTune stuff.

I have a zune player, and awhile ago I used the zune software to rip a bunch of my CDs to my hard drive. I recently got an iPhone, and would like to transfer this music onto the phone. Is there a way to move the files from the zune software to iTunes? Or do I have to take each CD one by one and rip it to iTunes? Please explain as you would to a 6-year-old; I'm just starting to get familiar with all this new-fangled stuff. :)
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Are the Zune songs in MP3 or another open format? Just drag them onto the iTunes icon and they should import without problems.
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Response by poster: Thanks; that sounds simple enough ... I'll give it a try first thing in the morning.
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Yes, this will work fine. More specifically, open iTunes and go to your preferences and make sure "Keep music folder organized" is selected (you can google the specifics of this for your operating system). You can then import them to iTunes by going under the File menu and selecting "add to library" and selecting the folder where your songs are, if you know where that is. Each of these methods work, they just work slightly differently. Let us know if it worked.
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Response by poster: Thanks jessamyn! I didn't find the preferences, but I found the folder with all the songs from zune and added them to the library in iTunes, and it looks like it's working. :)
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