Seeking meditation apps and podcasts
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I'd like to meditate more. I have the Simply Be app and like it, but would like to try others. MeFites, what do you recommend?
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I like Insight Timer for iphone. Super straightforward, and its tones are very pretty!
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Brainwave uses sound to enhance brain states. I don't always use it when I meditate, but it keeps me quite alert when I do.
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Seconding Insight Timer. I especially like it because you can set up intermediate bells if, for example, you want to alternate your area of focus (for example, between breath, sound, body, and thoughts), or if you want to have an auditory cue for noticing whether you've gotten lost in thought, etc.

These days a lot of college counseling offices have mindfulness meditation resources free to download, so a good way to find guided meditations is to search, e.g., " mindfulness mp3" on Google. "MBSR" (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is another good keyword since this is how I've often seen it referred to in the context of health care.
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I love love love headspace. Helps me relax on flights (I'm a scaredy-cat), fall asleep at night, bike home... pretty much the best. And it has "lessons" that last 10ish minutes for beginners like me!
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Tara Brach is great! She does weekly dharma talks and guided meditations. You can subscribe free on iTunes or download at her website,
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Andrew Johnson. His voice is very relaxing. There's tons of his stuff in the App store.
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I have this device and I love it...they're a bit hard to find now, but here's the cheapest one on amazon...
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Seconding Headspace. The app and the Take 10 series (the first ten 10-minute lessons) are both free. You can subscribe to get the rest of the meditations in the series, but the app will still work without them. You can just play the Take 10 series over and over.
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Thirding Headspace. I ponied up for the year and love that it's a natural progression from 10 minutes a day to 15, to 20, and so on.
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Also, if you're interested in a Buddha Machine, they actually have an iPhone/iPad app.
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I adore the Meditation Oasis app. Wide variety of topics, and Mary has an incredibly comforting voice.
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I am ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about the Andrew Johnson guided meditation/hypnosis apps/recordings. I own them all and love them. They are great, I listen to them every night while I fall asleep.
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Insight Timer sounds cool but the website keeps crashing on my computer.

I use Equanimity, which tracks your total meditation time, days of meditation streaks, and sends you reminders if you skip a day. Like Insight Timer, you can set various interval bells and a "set up" time (like, prep for 30 seconds before the actual meditation starts). It also runs in the background so you can pair it with guided meditation podcasts or other apps. Looks gorgeous, too.
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Not exactly meditation, but the Practice Everywhere app will send Cheri Huber's practice reminder tweets to your phone, and the Transform Your Life app gives the full text of Cheri's book Transform Your Life: A Year of Awareness Practice, plus a journaling feature. Both are free.
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For android there's a timer without upgrade limitations called Zazen Meditation that is very customizable.
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Gil Fronsdel has a great class with specific meditation tips and techniques.
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