Is my google account hacked?
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This morning about 108 gmail inbox messages vanished. I can find them under "all mail" but i don't know they would leave the inbox. Also, someone's been trying to add an event to my google calendar, with no success. are these two things related? is there evidence of a hack? thank you.
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You probably "archived" them all. I don't think the calendar issue is related. Do you know who? Is there an invitation or what is your evidence that something is trying to be added to the calendar.
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Scroll to the bottom of the page in Gmail. In the bottom right corner, under your messages, it will say something like "Last account activity: X minutes ago" and a link to "Details" after that. Click on Details and see if any of the activity looks unfamiliar.
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roomwithaview has got it -- last account activity feature is great for security. It will let you know if somebody else is accessing your account, and if so, from approximately where.

And of course, no post about Gmail security could go without a mention of their excellent 2-step verification which, while a slight hassle, is as secure as you can get online.
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You can always see the status of Google apps on their Apps Status Dashboard, although no issues seem to be going on.

The person trying to put an event on your calendar is doing so via an invitation or are they a delegate and can't add the event to your calendar?
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hello mymind. the person said she's tried a couple of times. i'll find out if it was an invite. she wouldn't otherwise have access to my calendar. if it's an invite, would it come via gmail?

also, if they're archived - God knows how that would have happened - is there some way to get them back into the inbox?

thanks roomwithaview. last account activity is a good call. nope, nothing looks amiss.
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ah, i found this marked "no" in settings:
"Automatically add invitations to my calendar".
i just clicked "yes."
that should fix it, right?
thanks, folks.
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It's super easy to get them back to the inbox -- Go to all mail, put checkmarks in the boxes on the left for the emails you want in the inbox, and click the "move to inbox" button at the top (to the right of the trash can button).
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To un-Archive something, find it in All Mail, checkmark it, and hit Move to Inbox
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perfect, thanks, all!
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