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Will the Opera browser for the Nintendo DS Lite support GMail and Google Calendar?

Because that would be totally sweet.
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I should think you'll have a much better chance of obtaining a solid answer if you just email Opera. Because, you know, they are the ones who know what's what with the software. Being the guys who wrote it and all.
posted by five fresh fish at 1:39 PM on May 17, 2006

I thought about that, and I also thought about emailing Nintendo. I just wasn't sure big-time software engineers like them took time out to answer questions from nobodies like me.
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Well, please post something here if you find it out.
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On the (pretty good) chance it won't render, can anybody recommend an online calendar of a more basic (and thus more likely to work in Opera/DS) nature?
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You do realize you won't have access to any of your data as soon as you're out of wifi range, right? That's sort of the opposite of a PDA, where a primary advantage is taking your data everywhere with you.
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A similar question was asked on the Opera forums. Apparently, gmail mobile will definitely work, but probably not the full version.

Don't think there's a mobile version of google calendar, but there might be one soon?
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scottreynen--thanks, I do realize. It's just that 90%of my time is spent in open account wifi range.
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Opera is very customer-friendly. I write them all the time, and always get good responses back, be it a bug report or feature request.

I've been to Opera HQ. They're just a bunch of friendly geeks doing cool stuff. There is no reason to feel intimidated about communicating with them.
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I have to say this, the question's being asked the wrong way around. It's not "will Opera support Google" but "will Google support Opera", surely?

So you should be writing to Google.
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Thanks. Even after going to their site (and installing Opera on my Mac and PC) I hadn't found that forum. I believe I'll go sign up.
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HTML Gmail works fine in Opera Mini for mobile phones, so I can't see why not. Google Calendar is only supported on two browsers, so meh.
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I've queried their forums, but so far no response.
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Looking forward to an answer!
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