Tool to manage multiple Gmail accounts?
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Has anyone written a tool that lets you manage multiple Gmail accounts? I'm envisioning something similar to the Gmail notifier, that lets you log on to 3+ accounts at once and easily check them.
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Best answer: Eprompter works really well.
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It doesn't support IMAP. I wish it did.
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I use outlook express. 3 accounts work fine on it. I forward other gmail accounts to these 3 accounts.
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And Thunderbird works very well for 3 GMail and multiple other accounts, too.
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Gtray is the best I've found for that. Functionality comes up a bit short for me, though. The excellent poptray, which I've used for years, has a gmail plugin, but it's a bit flaky. I haven't bothered trying the workaround mentioned in the forums yet.
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Note that the gmail plugin is slightly flaky, not poptray itself. The app is pure freeware gold.
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You can always forward all the accounts into one address and then use labels and filters to manage them all. That way you only have to check one, but everything stays nice and tidy. That's what I do.
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OFFTOPICfilter Jpowers,
if you are forwarding gmail accounts, how did you get that to work?
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Nevermind my previous post. I just tried it and it works. Sorry Sorry..... Can you remove a post?
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maybe this isn't what you mean, but i downloaded this widget and opened three instances of it, and i have each one logged into a different gmail account. it's working fine--turns red when i have a new message and shows how many new messages there are. doesn't show subject/sender or any other information though--have to click on the widget and it opens a browser window automatically logged into the appropriate gmail inbox.
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Response by poster: EPrompter looks totally sweet. I will definitely check it out. Otherwise I will try the Thunderbird route.

Thanks everyone!
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You can also get your Gmail through an Atom feed. Instructions are in the Help Center; look for the Atom section. Any aggregator that supports passwords for secure feeds can be used.

It's easy to set up and an ideal solution for multiple Gmail accounts.
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Eprompter does not hold a candle to poptray, I'm telling you. But whatever.
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Response by poster: If anyone's still looking at this thread: Eprompter seems to have some serious flaws. It failed to notify me of several emails that had come in.
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