Hoping to die
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A relative who's nearly a hundred years old wishes to die. This relative is housed and cared for, has had a huge and interesting life, but since losing sight and hearing and bladder control and autonomy and pretty much everything else, frankly would like to die.

I would appreciate a link to a listserv or blog in which these matters, including euthanasia, are discussed, WITHOUT reference to religion.
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It is the end of the day and I am to tired/lazy to do any research but your family is in my thoughts. I wish you the best to finding a solution that brings peace to your relative and to you. My wife and I are about to confront the same struggle with her mother (age 94) who is rapidly moving from a vibrant and very rewarding life to total physical and emotional dependence .
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in finding not to finding--sorry
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The Hemlock Society's website, and this specific subpage of their site, may be of use, although on brief perusal I see nothing specifically citing an online listserv or message board.

(The website URL reminded me of the 'CARE Pregnancy Center' situation that pro-life people have done in big cities, but the WHOIS record indicates their ownership.)
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for obvious reasons, i'm not going to outline anything here
but feel free to email me if you end up without adequate, well rounded information on the topic

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You may try to restore this loved one's sense of well being,with a weak tea of poppy heads.It is an ancient remedy and really subtlety makes a person feel better,
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Yeah poppies are great!
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Oh, for pity's sake phrontist, I hardly think addicition is an issue in this case.

/not helpful

good luck anonymous - my google-fu is sadly lacking. I hope you find the resources you and your family are looking for - this must be a very difficult time.
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