Adjustable Standing Desk for $150 or less
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Where can I get an adjustable standing desk for under $150 without having to DIY it?

My Google searches bring me either (a) laptop stands that don't have the surface area I need or (b) desks that are well over my budget.

Relevant Details:

- My Height: 5'4
- $150 or less is optimal.
- Adjustability is moderately high priority.
- Would prefer to stay away from DIY because (a) I'm not much good at it and (b) I won't have a lot of time to explore it when the time comes to set this thing up.
-I'll be using a computer monitor and keyboard setup--any desks that support that kind of setup specifically would be fantastic!
-I'll be in New Orleans at time of purchase.

I appreciate any and all input.
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I DIYed my own standup desk by putting a regular IKEA desk I had on top of an IKEA coffee table I wasn't using. Literally, I stacked them; no nails, glue, anything. The desk was adjustable, so I got that part of it, and for a long time it worked exactly as intended. Another programmer I know assembled his own with some IKEA cabinets with a table surface placed on top.

So what I'm saying is: Don't dismiss DIY as the cheapest and easiest way to get a working stand up desk. You want to avoid constructing something, I assume, but you can likely get far just by putting two things together. Anything actually packaged as a stand-up desk will likely be more than $150.
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I don't know what you're classifying as "laptop stands", these sort of computer carts are typically pretty affordable. They often even come with keyboard trays. Might not be enough desk area for you, however.
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Best answer: I set myself up with a standing desk just a couple of weeks ago by buying these (or something very similar).

I set one shelf at the right height for work, set a couple lower for storage, and left the rest of the shelves off. My laptop is raised on a pile of books to keep it eye-level, and I use a wireless keyboard/mouse set. There are some metal corner supports sticking up a couple of feet above the desk, but it was less than $100 and took very little time to set up, so I can deal with a bit of ugliness. (It'll be the easiest thing I'll ever move, too.)
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I use a cardboard Banker's Box drawer. If I had to do it again, I might get one that was a bit sturdier, but it's a budget option that works.
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I don't think you can do it for under $150 without going DIY.
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Response by poster: @Clerestory - Yes, I'm looking for something with more desk area. Thanks, though!
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Best answer: Drafting table.

150 bux is tight, but maybe one of the Alvin hobby/craft tables will fit the bill.
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Best answer: If you don't need a keyboard tray, then drafting tables will definitely work and provide adjustability. Here's one of notyou's Alvins.

If adjustability is less of an issue (going by the metal shelves idea), you could do what a friend of mine did and go for a rectangular pub table - cheaper than "trendy" standing desks.
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Best answer: Though it doesn't offer the instant adjustability of a drafting table, I have an IKEA Fredrik computer desk, with the large surface mounted just above waist level. That, with a stool, works very well for me for both standing and sitting situations.
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I think I did it for around $150 by using some Elfa shelving. I got 3 uprights and 3 sets of freestanding feet, and put a walnut shelf on top. Eventually I added some more shelves and drawers as my budget allowed. Worked wonderfully and was much more stable than the other shelving solutions I tried.
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Ikea has some bar tables that could be used as adjustable standing desks. I can't find them on their site right now, but I saw them in person recently.
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Best answer: Is this tall enough? You can change the construction material to lower the price, but stainless steel is awesome.

You should specify a rough estimate of your desired desk height.
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I've been eyeballing an Ikea Bjorkudden as one option. Try searching your local Craigslist for "bar table" and you might find one second hand (that's actually where I found the Bjorkudden)
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