Car seat for a Mini convertible?
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My husband loves his 2007 Mini Cooper S convertible, but also loves his 3 year old, 38" tall, 30 lb daughter. We're hoping to bring the two things together with the perfect car seat. It needs to be easy to get into for the kid, harness (as opposed to seat belt) preferred. Have any actual real-life Mini owners made this work?
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Not on the market until the summer, but I'd check out the Clek foonf. Clek builds amazing-quality car seats (they used to be owned by Magna and got some high-quality automotive tooling from them, so their seats have things like solid machined pieces of magnesium in them). Looks relatively compact (therefore good for a Mini), and has a harness, not seatbelt.
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Check the forums on With a quick search, I saw several threads discussing the Mini Cooper.
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Response by poster: Oh my, I love everything about the Clek! But I do NOT love $425+, especially since it only goes to 40lbs or so. A shame, really. Still looking...
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I do NOT love $425

From what I hear from people who know, Clek seats are expensive because they cost the Clek more to manufacture than other seats sell for at retail. They want to make the same margins as other companies, so the seats are priced accordingly. It's a case of quality costs. But, yes, maybe it costs too much.
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