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NameThatTuneFilter! Female singer, newer song, high, breathy. Difficulty: only a few words to go by. Help a sister out - I'd love to hear the whole song!

I think I heard it while out shopping (US - grocery store?) but may be from TV. The words I think I heard are "my love, lifts me up(?)...back to start/beginning". If only I thought to Shazam - I was sure it would be an easy Google but apparently not. Sounds like it would fit well into one of the Twilight movies (although it's not on those soundtracks, I checked) or at the end of a House episode. Think Florence and the Machine, but lighter and airier; more like Psapp's "Cosy in the Rocket". Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
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googling suggests maybe Westlife's "Beautiful Tonight"? (lyrics)
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Response by poster: Hey, cool song! To be more specific, the song I am trying to find is performed by a single female vocalist, with a lot less instrumental stuff in the background, although it does sound pretty "produced".
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Is it Janelle Monae?
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Response by poster: Nope, neither of those, but thanks! They are both more "pop"-y than the song I heard, if that is helpful.
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Only Got One by Imogen Heap?
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Is it a female cover of The Scientist?

Is it Leona Lewis - Broken
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Lights by Ellie Goulding?
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Could it have been Lana Del Rey? I don't know her music well enough to know lyrics, but your description sounds like her.
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Taylor Swift, Back to December?

Also, lots of things by Lights, like Romance Is or Drive My Soul has a very light, airy sound, although I can't find any lyrics specifically matching your request from her.
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I was going to suggest Lana Del Ray. Maybe Shanon Van Etten?
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Nneka - Heartbeats
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Response by poster: Getting close with Imogen Heap (and Frou Frou, that the link went to) and Lana Del Ray - that's the sound I'm looking for! If nothing else I have a ton of new awesome music to check out, ha.
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Haven't listened to it, but another possibility from Google is Geri Halliwell's Lift Me Up.
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