Best source for magnetic car signs?
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What's the best place to go for custom magnetic signs that you put on the side of your car to advertise your business?

AskMeFi has given me wonderful advice on where to go for custom buttons, and now I need to find a source for those magnetic signs you put on your car. My mom has been making art out of recycled materials, and has started to show in galleries and whatnot, and would like to advertise her website on her truck.

Looking around the Googles brings up a zillion choices of course; I thought some folks in the AskMeFi community might have had some experience with this sort of product and might be able to steer me towards a good supplier. Anybody have a site they'd like to champion?

I'm intrigued by Signazon, as their site looks easy to navigate and they claim their signs are quite weatherproof. The "copy of Amazon" web design is a bit odd, so I wasn't sure if they were cool or not. I did find an independent review site that gave Signazon a great overall rating, but there were a few dud in there as well (which I guess has got to be expected, law of averages and all that.) Anybody ever used these guys? Or have a place they like better?

Many thanks as always. Love you guys!
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I had a good experience with Build-a-Sign for a smallish metal sign (not a car magnet). Their designing interface was easy to use, and it arrived when they said it would. The sign itself hasn't been outdoors, so I can't speak to durability, but it certainly looks like a real outdoor sign.
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Your local sign shop can make this kind of thing for you, and I'm sure they'd appreciate the business.
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We had some done with Vistaprint (sorry, it won't let me link to the US site* but you just need to find "custom door magnets").

They've been on the same Volvo estate car for 6? 7? years that regularly goes through wet/rough terrain. The only problem we've ever had was finding them moved to the front windshield when left in a rough pub carpark one evening... (but they were easily moved back to the driver/passenger doors).

* Great products, crappy web interface!
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