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Early reader books in French?

Our son is starting 1st grade in French immersion program this coming fall and we'd like to have some early reading books in French.

Is there something comparable to Bob Books in French? Those have worked very well, but I my own French isn't good enough to search for early reading books/ series inn French.
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Check out Book Depository. There is an advanced feature for you to be able to sort by language, and I've seen a number of children's titles. Tintin is featured heavily. There are also some flashcards and other see-and-say books available. A rhyming book. And French versions of familiar favorites. As well as others I'm not personally familiar with, but which look appropriate.
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Seconding the Petit Nicholas series, although it might be better for second grade instead of first.
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What about magazines? I can recommend some here. Youpi, Astrapi, Les Explorateurs & Les Debrouillards are all good. You can also browse Renaud Bray. My six year old is really into bandes desinees so we have lots of those. Geronimo Stilton is fun. He also liked the Magic Treehouse books (La cabane magique in French). Leon is popular.
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Doing a google search for "Un livre dont vous êtes le héros" will give results for those "choose your own adventure" books that you play with dice and pencil. They are lots of fun for younger kids. Furthermore, the same books are sold in both French and English on, so if he has trouble understanding them at first, you can get an English copy and lend it to him as a reference.

This site lists the various series as well as the names of the english versions.
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It says "Location: Boston" in your profile and fifteen years ago when I visited, at least, the main branch of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square had several shelves of children's books in French.
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Petit Nicholas is super-great. You will want to learn along with your kiddo to read it too.
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