Romantic restaurant in Paris
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I need to book a romantic table for two in Paris for this weekend and really need a recommendation.

As its a special occasion, my budget is 150 euros for 2 course (maybe 3) food and wine. Having said that, I am flexible if the place is right. Must be romantic, authentic French, in the middle of Paris and naturally have good food. Can you help?
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Have you consulted Chowhound? I used their suggestions for my trip to Paris last summer and they were right on. For example, this thread is right on.

That said, we had a great meal at Au Bon Accueil, and the view of the Eiffel Tower is to die for.
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I saw this recently on the NY Times. They've had a series recently on dining in Paris, but this is about one particular "affordable bistro." Enjoy -- I'm jealous.
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Brasserie Lipp
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Oops. Sorry, the article's here.
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If you want intimate, try Le Petit Troquet in the 7th. It only has about 8 tables. I took my wife there to celebrate our engagement and had probably the best meal we've ever had. Mention to Dominique (the hostess) your special occassion and you won't forget it. They are listed in the Rick Steve's guides but don't let that deter you; it's a popular local spot as well.

Le Petit Troquet
28, rue de l' Exposition
75007 Paris
Tel: 01-47-05-80-39
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I was in Paris recently and my girlfriend and I went to Lucas Carton a restaurant at Place de la Madeleine and it was possibly the best meal I've ever had in the Fancy Pantsy French category. It's definitely really pricey -- we spent 800 Euros, but you can probably get out for less than that. In addition to the unbelievable service and orgasmic food, they give the woman a menu with no prices on it which I thought was a wildly old school touch. Just my two centimes.
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Mm, stealthy secret anonymous Parisian dining. Huh?
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My solid guess on the person behind the curtain is the venerable Megnut. MeFi User Name.

She's been in Paris for awhile.

If it's her, ironic that a certian former beau just visited her there, posting pictures on his weblog (supported by users like you) without explicitly mentioning her or the purpose of his visit.

C'mon Jason, if we're to support you through micropatronage at least give us a minimal dose of drama
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Brasserie Lipp is a nice place but it's too crowded, for something romantic...
keep this for friends. or your beau pere

" the china club" , it's near Bastille 50, rue de Charenton
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I don't have any specific recommendations, but in order to get more information on the restaurants you do hear about, you could check them on the following sites (if you read French):

CityVox Paris

Ou Bouffer

Both of these contain opinions and ratings of Paris restaurants submitted by the public, and both are pretty complete.

And hey, blasdelf - mind your own business!
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L' Ami Pierre
5, rue de la Main d'Or - Paris 75011
01 47 00 17 35
Romantic? Not really. But it's damn French, and the best food I've had for a long time. Been there twice now, will go back when I'm next in Paris. And i did have the andouillette.
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Try Le Pied de Cochon.
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Chez L'Ami Louis
32, Rue du Vert-Bois
75003 Paris

...or, (to second the suggestion above) Brasserie Lipp.
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Also, if you don't already know about it-- check out this incredible food blog by Clotilde. She has lots of restaurant suggestions as well.

When I am next in Paris, I really want to go to Le Pre Verre, but I haven't been and can't reccomend it. I have heard great things about Chez L'Ami Louis too.

I find brasseries too noisy to be romantic. . .
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hazyjane, it's just this whole anonymous thing, it's just so mysterious.
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