Or do people even still DO fractals?
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Do you know a program that would allow even a dummy to generate fractal zoom videos? Or do you know a person who likes to generate fractal zoom videos, for free?

Got an EP coming out at the end of the month, and would really love to make a fractal zoom video for one of the songs. I started by writing to some of the YouTube fractal video creators, but to date, no one's written back. I next searched for programs, but most of them are so old, they don't even list Windows 7 as an OS. The one I was able to try was pretty complex for someone of my, uh, skillset; I managed to make an ugly looking fractal, but didn't see how to zoom in or out, much less make a video of it.

Is there any hope for me? Thanks in advance for any help.
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There's Mandelbulber. It has built-in keyframe rendering, and you can see some examples on YouTube.
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Let's try that again.
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Best answer: Find a friend with a Mac and ArtMatic, and you're set. Best solution to your problem, except there isn't a Windows version, nor will there ever be. If you're nice, I may even be willing to make you a zooming fractal myself.
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You want help with fractals? You need to head to fractalforums.com. Their program forum would be a great place to start if you must DIY but I think you might be better trying to hire one of the artists on commission.

Dammit. The server just went toes up as I was typing this. In any case, there are forums for hiring commissions, discussions mathematical, galleries, and more.
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