Seeking brilliant stop-action animation
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Mr. Hublot, the animated short film that won the Academy Award this year, is incredibly wonderful, and I want to find more films like it (or at least as well-made as that one).

Mr. Hublot is the most perfect bit of stop-action animation I've seen yet. I love pretty much everything about it—from the pacing, to the stitching of the furniture and the guy's leather coat, to the music. It also has some really great perspective shots in it, and the central story is quite moving.

A couple super-short trailers should shed some light on how beautifully crafted it is.

Now that I've been spoiled by this film, I'm looking for more great (not necessarily steampunk) stop-action animation that is beautifully made. Know of some?
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Best answer: A Town Called Panic.
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Mary and Max.


Peter & the Wolf.

Robot Chicken.

All of which are on Netflix!
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Henry Selick's films:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
James & the Giant Peach

P.S., I hate to break it to you, but Mr. Hublot was not stop-motion, it was computer animated. You might want to expand your search to include CGI animation as well, if you liked the style of that film.
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Response by poster: Crazy! I totally didn't realize it's all computer generated. I mean, some of it is obviously CGI, like the food bowl, but I thought the main characters were stop-action. Thanks, and yeah, I guess I might be looking for CGI stuff too then, which I thought I didn't like. Pixar stuff has always been a huge turn-off for me—yep, all of it. But I've always loved Svankmajer and the brothers Quay, for reference. Thanks for the info!
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So...nobody has mentioned Wallace & Gromit yet? Several short films, and there is a bunch of other stuff from Aardman Animations.
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The Rankin-Bass specials and Ray Harryhausen.
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This FPP, The Bug Trainer, may pique your interest.
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The Brothers Quay are pretty amazing stop-action animators.
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A bunch of Yuri Norshteyn stuff:

Hedgehog in the Fog

Fox And Rabbit

The Heron and the Crane

My Green Crocodile
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Mary and Max

Be warned though, it's a tad melancholy.
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Best answer: Alma
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Best answer: Oh my God, have you looked at the NFB website? ( in Canada- it's the National Film Board). There are hundreds of free things you can look at there. Oh my, you must check it out.

Check out Madame Tutli Putli.

Check out their entire collection of animated shorts
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In Memoriam

The Maker
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Old but good:


Das Rad
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How about Fantastic Mr. Fox?
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I recommend Pat & Mat -- animated shorts from 70s-80s Czechoslovakia. You can find some on YouTube.
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The Eagleman Stag is absolutely spectacular: ambitious, dense, dark and visually arresting. I think about it once a week. I bring it up in random conversations. It lives somewhere far away from the rounded, warm and comforting Pixar aesthetic, while still being somehow strangely comforting.
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The Sandman
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Check out the stuff by Semafor Studio in Lodz, Poland. They received an Oscar in 2008 for Peter and the Wolf.
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I second distorte's suggestion of watching The Eagleman Stag.

Other than that, here's a list that I've not sorted in any way, except to exclude a couple that have already been mentioned. A couple of these are werid/violent/disturbing

I Live in the Woods
"The Dragon" commercial
Crocodile Journals
Fresh Guacamole
Western Spaghetti
Screen Play
Crank Balls
For Sock's Sake
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The same director who made the above-mentioned "Mary and Max" also directed this wonderful, touching short: Harvie Krumpet, which you can watch in its entirety at the link. It also won the Oscar for Best Animated Short in its year.
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