Can you help me find a fractal drawing program?
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I'm looking for a decent, easy to use IFS fractal drawing program that lets students interact with the affine transformations graphically. Windows program or Java applet desired (although a program that works on both Windows and Macs would be ideal!). Anyone know any good ones?

Google hasn't been helpful, or I don't know the right places to look or questions to ask.

The sort of thing I'm looking for is like TeraFractal or IFSLab, but those both seem to be mac only, and my students only have windows boxes.

This is for a Math for Liberal Arts class, so I'd like to keep the actual interaction with the details of the affine transformations being used to a minimum, but still give students the ability to create cool pictures easily.
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I've made some pretty sweet pictures with Apophysis. The "Editing" is pretty much trial & error though.

This might not even be what you are looking for. I have no idea what an Affine Transformation is, or how one would interact with one. I just know this program uses IFS for making the purty pictures.
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You might wanna check out Processing. (Win/Mac) Sure, its a programming language, but the development console is easy to get used to, and it probably wouldnt take long to write up a few sample fractal generation programs if you already know the equations. (someone in the Processing forums might already have them, if you search them)
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this one?
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Response by poster: These look interesting, but I need something that students who are pretty math-challenged can interact with without much training. Fractalina's my current best candidate, but I was hoping for something where you didn't have to enter any numbers.
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I second Apophysis 2.0. It offers up a suggested fractal shpe and then you can just click on pictures of variations on the theme until you get something you like. It's kind of mesmerising and if you want you can output the fractal images as films as well.
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