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I saw this awesome rocking chair at yesterday's Free Comic Book day in Hoboken. The store says the owner is emotionally attached to it and not quite ready to sell it. So... does anybody know where to find a chair just like this?

Click here for some pictures. The chair swivels/rocks on a base that itself sits solidly on the floor. The tag says it came from Howard Furniture Mfg. Co., Inc in Starkville Mississippi. According to the Internet, the manufacturer is no longer in business, and I have had no luck searching for anything similar. It's most definitely NOT a glider chair.
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If you put "rocking chair" into the search at Ebay, you will find several equivalents (stickley, etc), minus the cushions.
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I bought a rocking chair very much like that at a thrift store in Burlington, Vermont for $10. They had another rather like it (but with inferior construction).

This store:
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I did look on eBay before, but didn't realize that I should be searching for a "PLATFORM rocking chair." That helps.
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