Building modern furniture
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I am looking for good websites and blogs by people engaged in woodworking projects, particularly those of the modern or contemporary kind. There are many woodworking websites. But I have a hard time finding anything involving modern furniture. Actually may be I should say I am looking for resources on building such furnitures using various materials preferably by folks who do it themselves.
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I don't of any blogs which focus just on that type of furniture. But Glenn from StrawHouseBlog might. He created a mighty fine modern table awhile back...

(He also made some cool LED lights.)
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You might enjoy Hewn & Hammered.
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LOVE Hewn and Hammered. jlt ROCKS.
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try this out. via this guy
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also, the folks over here are very friendly. on their messageboards you can ask any wordworking-related (or off-topic) question and you'll get a good range of answers.
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Response by poster: thanks for some great pointers! :-)
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