Explain area rug types
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I just need nice white round rug (8-10 foot) for my cherry color hardwood floor. I have found serveral good deals at Overstock.com. But

I see bunch of different kind of white round rugs. What are the difference? and What should I get? (Greek White Flokati?? Greek Wool Shag?? etc..) They look kind a beige but I would like real white color.

Maybe they are same thing with different name? I am trying to create a modern interior scheme. Any suggestion will be appreciated. It has been 4weeks since I moved in. But the living room is still completely empty with 100% Brazilian Cherry color hardwood floor with white wall (20x23ft). Currently I am thinking of white round rug, Noguchi coffee table, and some kind of modern sofa. I will take sofa suggestions too. may be places for good deals on these things.
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but might work.

May I suggest Angela Adams?

Sounds like you should check out Design Within Reach.

This sofa is surprisingly comfortable, and has the added bonus of being a day bed. It sounds like you have quite a bit of space, but if you want a small sofa, you can't go wrong with Eames. (And it looks marvelous with the Noguchi table.) And I'm inexplicably fond of this one.
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Something to tie the room together?
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Also, just be careful of the impulse to get a "real white" rug--they're meant to be on the floor (obviously), and even if you're willing to clean out spots and stains on a regular basis, you're likely to have a "dingy white" rug in about a year.

You might try getting a rug that has white _in_ it, but also has other colors/tones that'll break up the white and bring in other notes from the floor, furniture, etc.
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Unsolicited advice: if you want to put together a room, I can help, white rug or no. It's part of what I do for a living. Email in profile.
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More unsolicited advice: white rugs get dirty fast. Sure it looks great in a catalog or magazine, but that ain't real life. Might I suggest charcoal grey?

redteam: LOL
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Great suggestions. I really liked the square+round rug. I am actually square and mathmatical type of person and I was trying to get away from it. My old place was ALL black and white. This suggest rug is actually a good compromise. The day bed wasn't something I thought about but now you made me think about it. Great.

I was concerned about the cleaness of the rug also. But since I live here my self and don't have too many companies coming over, I figured I can be a little eccentric with white color. My stair is white carpetted.

The floor is fairly dark. slight redish darkish brownish. It is beautiful but trying to contrast it with white rug is harder than I thought. Because the color selection for the sofa and accessories are difficult it seems.

DWR is awsome and my dream to get items from them. But the price is a lttle over my head. If I absolutely have to I can get it. I have already decided to get Negochi coffe table (black or light beige) from Herman Miller authorized dealer for around 1200... I figured I will need at least one or two originals. I have been looking at Lem Piston stools . I may be all over the place with styling and matching. Any help will be appreciated. I looked at interior design magazines too long. I know about the stuff but now I am more confused than ever. I thought I knew what I wanted before. Now I don't know. It is a lot of money for a single person, I figured this will be my last dream bacheler's living room before I well.. ya know.
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Good furniture lasts a lifetime, unfortunately so can bad furniture. Take the time to get the pieces you like, even if things look a little sparse at first.

If you like the mod style, minimalism will probably be better than funky eclectic. DWR has or had a yearly warehouse sale. Get on the mailing list.
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