Help me find an essay I once read on how to create a toxic workplace/relationship.
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Can you help me find an essay I read on how people keep people in toxic workplaces and bad relationships?

I wanted to pass along an essay I remember reading a while back on how people are kept in toxic relationships and workplaces, but I can't seem to find it. I may have read it from a link on MeFi, but I haven't been able to find it searching here, either.

My recollection was that it was almost a how-to guide, with things like, "keep people too busy to think about what's going on in the environment" etc.) I think it was focused on both workplaces and personal relationships.

I've spent a while googling for it, but most of the things I've found seem to be about how to get out of a toxic workplace or a description of symptoms, rather than analyses of the causes. If anyone can help me find this essay, I would be very grateful. Thanks!
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I love AskMeFi. Thanks!!
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