Best USB Headset?
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What is a good-quality USB headset? (Headphones with Microphone)?

At work I love to listen to music and would like to get good sound quality. However, I also have to make/take phone calls. I've been using a low-end Logitech USB headset and the sound quality just isn't good enough. Are there USB headsets that have great audio quality? Most of the ones on Amazon seem to be gaming headsets, which isn't my thing and I'd think that the 7.1 surround etc. would be annoying for listening to music.
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Best answer: I LOVE my Logitech G35. To the point I've now owned TWO of them. They are rugged, sound amazing, and really comfortable. I use it for podcasting, listening to music, and gaming. You don't notice any decrease in audio quality or level with non surround sound tracks.
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Best answer: Seconding the G35s - yes, it's a gaming headset but the sound quality is really, really good. I found myself using them for music and films more than I did for gaming.
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From what I've read the whole surround sound thing with headphones is a gimmick. Supposedly, decent stereo headphones give better sound and positional audio on top of generally being cheaper. That said I don't have a good suggestion for a nice headset.

What I ended up doing was attaching a cheap mic to my nice headphones that I already owned. This way I didn't have to spend ~100 duplicating my headphones for the addition of a cheap mic.
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Response by poster: I went ahead and got the G35s and they've been great. Only annoyance are the buttons on the headset which often get inadvertently pushed.
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