Basic audio interface for Intel iMac
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I do occasional audio recording with GarageBand. I just recently upgraded from a G4 tower to an Intel iMac w/Snow Leopard. I settled for analog audio in through the mic input on the G4 but I think I want to step up to digital input. I have an analog mixer, tube preamps, effects pedals, etc. so I don't need to have them in the audio interface. Midi I/O would also be nice but not necessary. What are my choices in a basic 2-channel Firewire(800)/USB(2.0) audio interface?
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I've been using a Tascam US-122 for a few years and it works really well. It does MIDI. I see it's been replaced by the US-122mkII now.
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To elaborate a little more: I've used my US-122 on an Intel iMac mostly, with GarageBand and Logic - it has always worked flawlessly with them.
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Have you looked at the products from M-Audio?
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Response by poster: For anyone looking at this thread, I bought a Behringer UCA222, which was close enough to what I wanted (no MIDI).
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Just in case anyone else is looking here, my Tascam US-122l worked fine on my 2008 MacBook Pro (Leopard) but I can't get it to work with our new 2010 Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard). The levels are much lower and Garageband 09 can't detect the midi signal. Bummer.
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