Please recommend a car stereo with a USB input jack.
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I want to buy a car stereo with a USB input. Any suggestions?

My friend has a car stereo with a USB input jack, and it is awesome. He's able to use an 8 GB thumbdrive to keep all the most awesome tunes on hand at all times.

I currently have a factory stereo in my 2000 Honda Accord sedan, and it is lacking in many aspects. I expect to have this car for at least a couple more years, so I want a new stereo.

Ideally, I'd like to spend $150 or less, but can go higher in price for an exceptional unit. Thanks!
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I would suggest that you go to Best Buy and look at the radio selection, pick a few you like, then go home and try to order them online for cheaper. But if you want one right away, Best Buy sold me my Pioneer DEH-P3100UB with front USB for something like $140 on sale when the store near me was closing. When you are looking in the store, look at the boxed units around the display too, the radio I bought was not on display, their were just fifty of them in boxes on a shelf next to the radio display.

If your handy with cars, you can buy a wiring adapter and a trim/mounting kit for around $30 and install the radio your self. (If you do, don't crimp the wire connections, solder them. You will thank your self later.)
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One suggestion: USB is great, but make sure it also does Bluetooth audio. If you have a phone or mp3 player that does bluetooth, you'll love it.
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crutchfield's outfit my car seems like a good place to start. That way you can verify that the stereo you choose will fit, and you can see everything you need.

FWIW, I currently have the Pioneer DEH-7000BT in my truck. does USB, ipod control, BT audio and handsfree, has 3 amp preouts...however it was out of your pricerange when new, and the screen kinda sucks (especially in direct sunlight).
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The newer Sony line of head units have a variety of bluetooth/usb plugins for music playback. I've also seen a tape deck adapter that takes an SD card as the memory playback media. Pretty good idea!
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Oh oh oh! I just bought the JVC Arsenal KD-AHD69 from Crutchfield for my 1999 Honda Accord, on account of its built-in HD Radio receiver, USB/iPod input, and removable faceplate. It was $189 (including shipping).

It was easy to install with their included instructions, and they included a wiring harness and a bunch of extras. The unit has performed excellently; it has great HD radio reception and works equally well with my iPod (3rd generation Nano) and playing mp3s from my phone (Nexus One). I have two quibbles: first, the radio presets are a little annoying to navigate and set; it doesn't have individual buttons, so you have to use arrow keys to flip through. Second, the top of the faceplate is a little flimsy. I haven't had any issues with it but I have to be more gentle with it than with my previous head unit's faceplate.

On top of all that, the customer experience from Crutchfield was astounding: I got a handwritten note in the mail thanking me for being a new customer. Definitely shop from them. They are worth it.
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Nthing Crutchfield. I got a JVC unit for my 2002 Honda Accord and installed it myself following their detailed instructions. As you know, the factory stereo is double-DIN. Most aftermarket stereos are single-DIN. So, make sure to get the full install kit that includes the plastic section that will sit in the now-empty single-DIN slot.

It has been over a year and working great -- love the HD radio. I'd highly recommend getting one with HD Radio. Having bluetooth would be nice, but of course will cost quite a bit more.

P.S. I just saw this '$20 off $100 or more' coupon code for Crutchfield: 3A825. Note sure when it expires.
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Best answer: In the UK Sony sells the CDX range, which work very nicely with their Walkmen and presumably USB sticks as well.
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Response by poster: To all who are interested, I went with this Sony stereo and I love it. It reads USB superfast, and I get much better sound than I did with my factory unit.
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