Advice on laptop repair on short timeline - laptop repair decision-making advice needed.
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Advice about repairing/replacing this laptop, including possible online repair options? Total screen/top half damage on HPdm4 laptop. (Speed and cost considerations inside).

So, in a moment of inattention, the screen and entire top clamshell/chassis on my roommates HP dm4 laptop was broken. The entire bottom (keyboard half) is intact and perfectly functioning plugged into an external monitor.

It was purchased from best buy and still under warranty, if relevant.

The person who broke it is willing to pay for repair/replacement, but we'd like to get the most affordable option.

Should we repair or replace?
Is it feasible to just get the top half replaced? Are these relatively interchangeable components? Is the price going to be significantly less than the replacement cost? (about $800)

If we do repair, where should we go?
If we do go with repair, should we go with best buy, where the computer was bought, should we fedex to a great online repair place, or does anyone have a recommendation in Washington, DC?

(assume, unless it's super-simple that we don't have the technical ability to install replacement parts ourselves. All data is already backed up.)

I know this is a slightly mundane question, but my roommate is super-stressed out at work, and I'd really love to be able to fix this for her quickly and efficiently. So thanks in advance!
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Replacing the screen of a laptop is relatively easily - normally involving a few small screws and a ribbon cable connecting the screen.

This video shows you how it's done. The poster sells screens for $88 - if you shopped around, you may be able to get them cheaper.

The lid costs around $25 (another quick Google search shows this, but I don't know how reputable the sellers are, so be sure to check around again.

I am well versed in disassembling laptops, though, so while I think this is very easy, you may not. But at a little over an eighth of the cost of full replacement, I know what I'd be inclined doing. Even buying the components and having a repair shop assemble them, or having the same shop buy and assemble has to be cheaper.
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