Computer-fixer-type-people in Philadelphia? Halp?
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PhillyPhilter: I need the services of folks in Philadelphia who might be able to fix or at least diagnose a busted laptop on short notice. Seemingly randomly, my high-end Clevo-style PC laptop started to show random visual artifacts when in Windows... and then even when booting up the BIOS... and then freezing horribly. I have no idea what is going on, and I have two academic manuscripts that are coming up to being due. However onerous, I could go to the university library to work on this, as I have all of my work backed up. Unfortunately, I have the misfortune that I am going to be traveling out of my area starting this weekend, for almost a full week. So I need help fast if at all possible, and I would prefer not to mail this damn thing to Michigan where it came from if I can avoid it. Where can I turn to in Philadelphia for this kind of PC laptop fixing service?
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If you're handy with a screwdriver, and up for some DIY fun, you could try replacing your laptop's graphics card, since it sounds like yours may be faulty (or overheating - you might check that the fan on or near your graphics card spins). Stores like Microcenter will probably carry a compatible one. If you have a popular model laptop, there's a decent chance you can find a youtube tutorial video for how to open up your laptop, and maybe even how to change the graphics card.

However, if you aren't experienced at computer (dis)assembly, you could also end up bricking your laptop, so you may want to wait for a Philly local to recommend a shop.
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Best answer: The Computer Fixer. They've been around for a long time, are by all accounts very reliable, and have locations at Drexel and Penn. Hopefully they could work with your timeframe. Also, yeah, it does sound like your graphics card from your description above.
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Do you know whether it has a discrete video card? If it doesn't, and also uses shared ram, then your ram might be bad. Try running memtest86+. If you get any errors, your ram is bad. You can just fix it yourself in that case.
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