Fujitsu Lifebook C-series disassembly manuals
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LaptopRepairFilter: I need to remove the bezel on a Fujitsu Lifebook C-series (C-6530) to measure and replace the cold cathode lamps that have failed. I've Googled off and on for a few months now, looking for service or dis-assembly manuals, with no love to be found. (Much more inside)

Yes, I'm quite handy with tools and a soldering iron. Yes, I've opened up laptops before to do soldering and general repair, and re-assembled them successfully. However, this Fujitsu C-series Lifebook is like some sort of cheap but delicate and watch-like piece of jewelry. It's fragile, to understate the issue.

Taking it to an authorized (or unauthorized) repair center is out of the question, and totally out of the budget. The repair costs would most likely exceed the value of the laptop. I can get cold cathode lamps for 10-20 bucks each, so I could probably repair my screen for well under $50 USD.

While the prospect of cracking open the bezel on this thing doesn't give me the screaming fantods, it does worry me a bit. I can only imagine that the bezel/screen assembly on this laptop is one of those Sony-Vaio-esque monstrosities of adhesive, brittle plastics, and hidden screws. Only two screws are available on the bezel. (These were behind rubber button cushions on the top of the bezel. There aren't any other such rubber bits or screw-hole covering stickers.

Does anyone out there have a service manual for this laptop series? If you're reading this and don't have a MeFi account, please feel free to email me or IM me from my contacts directly.

Does anyone have any general tips and suggestions for bezel removal and lamp replacement? Personal experience with replacing screen lamps? Funny stories involving monkeys and underpants to distract me from this task?

Many, many thanks in advance. If someone can get me the actual service manual (PDF, jpegs, or paper!), I'll trade them one of my huge and insanely detailed eyeball and brain- torturing optical art prints, or perhaps a custom large format bubblejet output of their choice.
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loquacious, you should find someone who reads/writes Japanese so you can use to see if anyone has posted a pdf manual for you to use. Searching in English won't help.
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Response by poster: That's a great idea. Actually, I might be able to restrict google to *.jp and search for the part or model number.

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one of those Sony-Vaio-esque monstrosities of adhesive, brittle plastics, and hidden screws.

I don't have any advice for the lifebook directly, but my vaio pcg-n505vx monstrosity (which is currently all taken apart out in the garage, having its paint removed and its magnesium shined up and sealed) had a few screws under the little rubber things, and then a bunch of tab-a-into-slot-b jobbers around the edge on the inside. I started at a corner with a jewlers screwdriver, prying gently and watching where it flexes to figure out where the tabs were, then pryed and pushed at each of the tabs to pop it open. Munged one of the tabs up a little, but it still goes together just fine and I'm sure i could fix it with a dab of glue if I were so inclined.
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