Make a pregnant woman cry.
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What feel-good, sentimental, cheesy pop music should I listen to while pregnant?

Some combination of pregnancy hormones, sleep deprivation, and Pondering The Significance Of Gestating A New Life has made me suddenly start enjoying sentimental pop music that formerly would have made me gag. For example, today I heard Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten on the radio and it was so sweet that it made me cry.

So I figure this is my chance to enjoy cheesy pop music before I become cynical again. What are some good sentimental pop songs with themes of new beginnings, new life, being happy in love, or similar?
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What a Wonderful World, Louie Armstrong

The Very Thought of You, Nat King Cole
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"Blessed" by Elton John was my go-to cheesy, love song to an as-yet-unborn child. Made my pregnant, hormonal self weep with joy every time!
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I Can See Clearly Now, Jimmy Cliff

Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World by Iz

This Will Be Our Year, the Zombies

First Day of My Life, Bright Eyes

Brand New Day, Van Morrison

Isn't She Lovely, Stevie Wonder (jesus, that one makes me tear up just typing it)

Forever Young, Rod Stewart
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Isn't She Lovely, Stevie Wonder is about his newborn daughter, IIRC.
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Preview fail
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I Hope You Dance

I still want to scoop up and nibble that delicious baby in this video.

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Anything by Mandy Moore :)
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Taking You Home - Don Henley
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Madness, It Must Be Love
Paul Weller, Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea
Lightning Seeds, Pure
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On two opposite ends of the spectrum,

Danny's Song, Loggins and Messina
Glory, Jay-Z ft. Blue Ivy Carter
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Just about anything ever recorded by Paul McCartney solo or with Wings fits this bill. Some especially good ones:
Mama's Little Girl
I'm Carrying (written for his wife Linda when she was pregnant with their son)
Great Day
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Iron and Wine Upward Over the Mountain. It's not truly pop but it'll make you all weepy and gooey inside, and it would be pop if they played it more on the radio.

...before I become cynical again.
Heads up there's a possibility that might not happen and the ability of random commercials to make you cry may also increase exponentially.
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Two more MAJOR tear-jerkers that I forgot about - Beautiful Boy by John Lennon and Gracie by Ben Folds.
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Motown. When my brain was under the influence of pregnancy hormones, references to "baby", "girl", and "boy/guy" took on a whole new meaning—and the effect lingers a very long time. "My girl" will be 23 in June and "my guy" will be 20 in a couple of weeks.

Re Wonderful World, check Joey Ramone's version*, which was recorded when he was dying of cancer. After hearing this, Armstrong's cover seems maudlin to me.

* I trust that my kids will honor my request to play this at my funeral, but I'm not so I can count on them to write "Transmogrifier" on the side of whatever box I might be in at the time.
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Not entirely a "pop" song...I'm not linking it it, because I absolutely can not hear it at all without weeping - "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush. If it doesn't get you now, come back to it a week or so postpartum. Bring tissues.

"Sort Of" by Ingrid Michaelson makes me misty. "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne and "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz were my go-to songs to sing to the proto-baby and are still some of my favorites now that my son is a year old.

I've yet to regain my cynicism, btw, and can't pay attention to the news anymore as I got upset when OBL died as he was once someone's baby too. Them hormones, they're strong stuff.
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Weeping while listening to "Born at the Right Time" by Paul Simon earned me my first side-eye from my week-old son.

He also did not like my crying over "100 Years" by Five for Fighting.
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Two songs that got me bawling while pregnant with my now two-year-old son were "Smile", Uncle Kracker, and "The Friendship Song", Carbon Leaf (from the Curious George 2 movie!).

Also, about five days post-birth, I watched that early episode of Glee when the deaf choir sang/signed John Lennon's "Imagine", and couldn't speak for the sobbing. :)
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Baby Baby - Amy Grant (written for her newborn daughter)
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Daughter, Loudon Wainwright III
Carey, Joni Mitchell
Talk to Me of Mendocino, Kate & Anna McGarrigle
The Kick Inside, Kate Bush
Oh Very Young, Cat Stevens (NB: do not read the youtube comments on this one)
For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her, Simon & Garfunkel
The Shining, Badly Drawn Boy
Book of Love, Magnetic Fields
Kooks, David Bowie
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I knew I loved you by Savage Garden

"I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life"

still gets me a little verklempt, crap.
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Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Be warned that you may continue to cry at songs forever and ever now. It's been 12 years and I'm still waiting for my cynicism to come back.
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And oh god, Waltz for Debby, especially if you're having a girl. Read the lyrics if you dare.
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You and me against the world by Helen Reddy. It is extremely sentimental and this video features lots of moms and their babies. And the made me get all wet eyed.
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A couple more:

Little Bird, Little Bird, Elizabeth Mitchell
Colours, Donovan & Nana Mouskouri
Turn Turn Turn, The Byrds
Do You Realize, The Flaming Lips
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Mother and Child Reunion and Father and Daughter, Paul Simon (esp. the 2nd, where his daughter does backup vocals)
Hey, Julie, Fountains of Wayne (for my winter-born son - esp. after I went back to work)
Something Good This Way Comes, Jakob Dylan (for my summer-born daughter, who is as sunny as her birth day was)
I'm Yours, Jason Mraz

Happy baby!
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Slice of Heaven. No doubt it's a cheesy, fun, happy-making song. The animated movie it's from is good too.
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My cheesy pop guilty pleasures include Celine Dion A New Day Has Come, To Love You More, Jem It's Amazing.
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I'm a new mom, and Make You Feel My Love has gotten me blubbering more than once. Adele also has a good version.
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I sued to sing Little Bitty by Alan Jackson to my newborn. Talk about cheesy. She rolls her eyes and sprints from the room when I start singing it now.
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Welcome by Hey Rosetta. Not really poppy, but I love this bit:

I can feel you and what you're gonna be
You'll be stronger, you'll be smarter than me
Oh baby, I'll say it again
You're the most incredible thing

Sorry, this is it
It's cold and hard and badly lit
And there's no backing out of it

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I dunno, I think best pop song of all time for noncynicism is Katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine.

...which if you listen to the lyrics about 20 degrees of vertical could be kind of about a pregnant woman's feelings for her impending.
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My favorite when preggers (why!?!): I'd really love to see you tonight

Mr. MediaMer said the only thing weirder was my eating toast with cottage cheese and salsa.
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