How to have successful meetings with out of town participants?
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Making work conference calls work! Any free or cheap software, hardware to help make meetings with long distance clients easier and more efficient - Skype and Oovoo aren't working! Thanks!

I work in a law firm and we've reached a point of desperation!

Essentially, what we would like to do is have out of town clients join in on meetings. We started with Sykpe, which was glitchy and constantly a hassle to maintain. We switched to Oovoo, which again we encountered the same problem and finally we just tried to have our client on speaker phone - which was hard to hear and frustrating.

What software or hardware can we implement into our firm to help solve this problem. Money is an issue (you'd think it wouldn't be - but it is) and the quicker we could have this up and running the better.

I know that this can be achieved, but I don't even know where to start.
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My prior law firm used Go To Meeting.
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google+ hangouts are worth looking at.
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Yep, I came to say G+ hangouts. Free, and a much better product than Skype.
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Response by poster: Both - right now specifically an international call.
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finally we just tried to have our client on speaker phone - which was hard to hear and frustrating.

Shouldn't be. Try getting a better phone, one made to be a conference phone, if you can afford it. Polycom makes good equipment.
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There really isn't any service out there that beats a dedicated conference-call phone (like the Polycoms mentioned by Pracowity) using the actual phone lines. There are advantages to Skype, GoTo, etc., but if reliability is the most important thing you should use a phone.

You can then use a less-reliable tool like Go To Meeting or whatever to share screenshots and docs, knowing that if it craps out at least you'll still be talking.
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We use for audio conference calls. I've been using it for years and have never had any problems.

We use gotomeeting for visuals, I find that it is not as consistent as I'd like.
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We've been very happy with Gotomeeting (have used it for many years)

You can use it with VOIP or local numbers in most countries (the checkbox to add a local number is a little hidden but present in the main dialog)
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At work we use a combination of Polycom phone, which can be purchased for less than $300, and Infinite Conferencing, which I've found to be intensely reliable with lots of international dial-in numbers. It's also pretty cheap.
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It's probably important to consider whether using a the regular phone on speakerphone was hard to hear and frustrating because the connection is bad or because the phone in question was crappy. Most speakerphones built into regular phones are quite crappy.
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