Name that movie about apartheid South Africa
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Help me figure out what movie about apartheid South Africa I'm remembering.

I'm trying to find a movie that I remember only a few vague details about. Here's what I remember:

The setting was a rural ranch in apartheid South Africa owned by a wealthy white family, headed by the father, who was an influential man and apparently a loving husband and father to several children. It's possible that he currently or formerly was in the military.

I remember a plot event event in which a black man was shot by the father or someone else (off camera, I believe), possibly for trying to steal their cattle.

The big dramatic crux of the movie was when the wife discovers a horrific torture and rape chamber containing horrific instruments of torture and rape somewhere on the ranch. Apparently the father had been involved in the torture/interrogation/rape/degradation of Black dissidents on behalf of the apartheid government. This totally shatters her concept of her loving husband and her naivete about the nature of apartheid. I'm not sure, but I think this causes her to take her children and leave him.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? Thanks!
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Was it "A Dry White Season"?
posted by a humble nudibranch at 9:17 PM on April 22, 2012

Possibly Cry Freedom?
posted by jojobobo at 12:07 AM on April 23, 2012

Response by poster: No, based on plot synopses, I don't think it was either of those. Thanks though.
posted by Salvor Hardin at 3:20 AM on April 23, 2012

This totally sounds like something that would have been based on an Andre Brinks novel.
posted by bardophile at 4:51 AM on April 23, 2012

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