Candy and torture?
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Can you help me find this disturbing Saw-like short film about kinder eggs?

Here's what I remember about the movie:

1. It was pretty short - less than 10 minutes, probably.
2. I saw it online years ago.
3. A father has captured the president of a kinder-egg like candy company because his child choked to death on the candy, and has him trapped in a room.
4. When the trapped guy wakes up, he finds out that he has protruding formations on his skin, and gets informed by a voice that the key to getting out of the room is in one of the eggs under his skin.
5. He cuts open all of his skin only to be told that the key is in a protrusion on his back.
6. He can't get the last egg out in time and is killed when the room explodes.

If you're wondering why: I want to disturb my family on Thanksgiving.
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